Peace Corps Beginnings

Over 50 years ago, Peace Corps volunteers and staff arrived in Morocco. I created this blog to document their stories. The impetus behind its creation was the death of an old friend. Please consider the blog as an invitation to share your reflections on your own service and experiences.

The nineteen sixties was a decade of rapid change. Great achievements  took place  alongside social unrest and political turmoil. In America, the first generation of baby boomers entered college,  African-Americans saw their civil rights affirmed and enforced, and a series of political assassinations shocked and troubled the conscience of the country. Abroad, colonies received independence, wars raged in Asia and Africa, and the Cold War continued unabated as the United States fought in Vietnam.

The first volunteers found themselves far from it all. Few had access to telephones. Many lived in rural, agrarian communities where daily life followed the seasons and the religious calendar. Globalization was still in its infancy. Morocco was fresh from independence. Some of us read Walter Harris’ Morocco That Was or Gavin Maxwell’s Lords of the Atlas feeling that we had missed out on some of the excitement of those times just before the French established their Protectorate. Today we can write our own Morocco That Was.

Please join in to reminisce, share, and celebrate. You can post messages to Recent Posts below. You may notice that I modify my own blog posts from time to time, usually correcting errors of spelling or grammar, but sometimes adding pictures, so if you have enjoyed the photography, revisit this site from time to time.

Dave Brooks, Morocco X